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"Do unto your friends as you would have a friend do unto you"  The "Golden Rule" of life and Domino's Pizza is to treat each and every person as a friend who deserves our best efforts, kindness, prompt service and great food.  We want everyone to have a WOW experience they can tell their friends about!  -Diane Davis Barrentine, Franchise Owner, 37+ years with Domino's Pizza

“Make more FRIENDS, Sell more PIZZA, Have more FUN!!!

“Friends First...Business Second”. This simply means we want to prioritize building relationships, over doing business. For years our “customers” have consistently told us we come across as rushed, rude, indifferent, and unfriendly. We need to change these perceptions!

When we look at the list of attributes in a FRIEND, we see words like trusting, loyal, honest, empathetic, serves, and on and on...it makes sense that both the consumer and Domino’s Pizza ideally want the same things in our relationship.   So, from this day forward, we will no longer refer to them as “customers”, but instead, “FRIENDS!”   



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